Gary appeared as an Expert in Pop Culture Collecting on 
VH1 Classic’s
5 Episodes in 2013 with Gary Dellabate and John Hein
Gary Sohmers has appeared on 13 Seasons of PBS TV’s 
13 seasons appearing as an appraiser of Collectibles, Pop Culture and Toys on PBS TV's "Antiques Roadshow"

13 seasons appearing as an appraiser of Collectibles, Pop Culture and Toys on PBS TV’s “Antiques Roadshow”

To View all his appraisals online click this link
Search Results | Gary Sohmers Roadshow Archive | PBS  
Gary also appeared on
Episode 417-“Ruff’s Yard Sale Makes a Racket”
nationally on PBS. Watch it here:


Collecting Stuff with Gary Sohmers – Disney Marks, Part 1 12/28/2005
Collectors of Disneyana are some of the most avid collectors in the world. Gary Sohmers gives a brief history of the “Man behind the Mouse” and explains how to date a Disney item by its markings …. time: 5:56 

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If you would like to book Gary Sohmers for a TV or Radio Interview, Comedy or Speaking Engagement, Appraisal event or to Appear at your Antiques, Collectibles, Home or Consumer show, contact Gary directly at 508-788-5474 or



Gary has been performing and producing music and video since 1973

Windjammer, “Good Old Friend” & “Billy’s Hell Hole,” 1982

I had brown hair then and wrote both songs, always lucky to have the greatest musicians to perform with.


Windjammer, “Dinosaur Rock,” 1983.

Song co-written by Geno Barone, Video recorded at Headliners in Madison WI, audio track recorded at Smart Studios with Butch Vig and Steve Marker, video edited at The Metro in Boston with Stephen Boros.

Mindjammer, “Kitty Kat Kristmas,” 1990.

I had many cats as friends, roommates and dependents … they had me trained well.

I did a series of Automaton videos … Martin Scorsese chose to use several of them on his Blue Ray version of his film about automatons “Hugo” … you can see several of them on my YouTube Channel

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